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What is osCommerce in general?

osCommerce is an open-source PHP based shopping cart software. This e-commerce solution allows you easily setting up and maintaining an online store with minimum costs involved.

You can read more about osCommerce and its functionality on the site of osCommerce developers

What requirements are needed to get osCommerce shop running?

You need to have the following:

  • A web server that is capable of using SSL, in case you would like the transactions to go via secure connection (https)

  • PHP version 3 or 4;

  • A database server;

Although not a requirement, the more knowledge you have of each component, the better prepared you should be when running your online-shop by yourself.

osCommerceindia.com is here for you to assist you in every step to run your shop

What is Open Source Philosophy ?

Open Source software provides an opportunity for people to work on software with others that share the same interest, exchanging ideas, knowledge, and work with one another, to expand and improve the solution.

The motivation for working on Open Source software originates at different sources, which include working on the software for fun as a hobby, to make the software meet own requirements, and to bring commercial interest into the software.

It is this combination of motivations that has brought together a team of developers to successfully make what osCommerce is today - and what it will be in the future - and an active and growing community, with each person having their own unique requirements but ultimately sharing the same goal: to use the software and to make it a better solution.

Open Source software always remains open providing the opportunity for anyone that is interested to work on it, at any time.

Because Open Source software is open, it provides a choice. The choice to use the software, the choice to learn the software, and the choice to join, share, and participate in a community - a community full of enthusiastic supporters that want to see the software grow and succeed.

It is this very reason why Open Source software is successful, and most importantly, why it works.

What kind of database is osCommerce using?

This project uses an SQL compatible database called MySQL, which is common in PHP web-based applications.

I'm a total newbie to web development, but I'd like to use osCommerce to build up my online business. How can you help me?

You have come to the right place. We provide hosting, installation, customisation and maintenance of osCommerce Shops and also add new contributions to it. If you don't have enough experience or time to do that, then you can sign up for any of our plans.

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