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This section is updated with new and popular Contributions available @ the osCommerce Community. Note : Contributions are used at own risk.

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osCommerce PayPal IPN Module v2.2 For 2.2MS2

The osCommerce PayPal IPN module is created by, and will be maintained by, the osCommerce team.

This module stores orders prematurely in the database to be processed by PayPal IPN notifications. This takes care of customers not returning back to the store to store the order in the database, and allows processing to occur when the PayPal IPN notification is received.

When communicating with the IPN notification, the order information is sent back to PayPal in a secure manner through PHP native OpenSSL capabilities or through cURL when OpenSSL is not available, or through a normal unsecure manner when no secure communication means exists, to confirm the order made. If the result is successful, the order status is updated automatically to show a successful order has been made. Invalid orders are left alone for the store administrator to verify.

This module also has OpenSSL public/private key encryption capabilities to securely send the order information to PayPal during the checkout procedure.

More information about this feature can be read here:

Encrypted Web Payments: https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/xcl/rec/ewp-intro-outside

This module was built to be as simple as possible without having the need to touch core codebase files or database changes for installation and usage

Easy Populate :

Easy Populate makes it simple to populate your OSC store with products without using the web interface at all.

Easy Populate lets you download all your products into a csv file, edit them in the spreadsheet of your choice, and the reupload them to update your products, changing prices, categories, quantities, etc.

If new manufacturers, categories, or subcategories are found in the data, they are created for you on the fly.

This is based on the Excel Upload 1.51 from dynamok.

Australian Shipping Module :

This module allows you to set different shipping rates based on weight, for each of the states of Australia. It could easily be modified to suit any country. It works similar to the zones module except it takes its details from the zones table in sql instead of the countries one.

Simple Template System (STS) :

Lets you create simple HTML templates to customize the look and feel of OSC.

You simply create an HTML page that looks the way you want it to and put in placeholders for the various elements wherever you want to position them.

For example, you would put "$cartbox" wherever on the page you want the Shopping Cart box to appear. Put "$categorybox" where you want the Categories box to appear. Put "$content" wherever you want the main page content (the central part where all the magic happens) to appear, etc.

It does this by changing only a few /catalog/includes/ files, leaving all other files untouched, making it easy to add other contributions later.

Purchase without Account :

Allows your customers to choose the three following options at checkout time:

1)Proceed Directly to Checkout (no account creation)
2)Create a New Account
3)Login to Existing Account

Header Tags Control :

Header Tags Controller allows for unique Header Tags for:


on a per page basis

UltraPics - MS2 Image Addon Pack!

This is the complete image solution for everyone using osCommerce MS2.

This allows adding of 8 more images to your Admin and Catalog,
basically a combination of SM,MED,LARGE+ and MoPICs+ with Lots of Nice Enhancements!

* Add & Remove Additional Images via Admin Easy!
* (To POPUP! or NOT TO POPUP!) Have Pop up Windows or NOT!
* Image Preview when editing Products.
* Addition Images On and Off options in admin.
* Resize Option for specific images settings.
* Delete images permantly of server if not longer used. (Delete Disabled if more then 1 product Links to Image.)
* Nice clean look, tidy code.
* 3 Screen Shots Included in ZIP file.


This is a Points and Rewards system,(more or like a cash back or discount system)
aimed to popup sales and get new usrs to signup.
The system awards shopping points to customers for the amount they spend.
Points consider as cash when redeemed, so points are in pending status untill approved by admin.(manually)
Once approved, customers can then use those points to pay for order druing checkout.

Admin features.
1.Enable/Disable the Points System.
2.Enable/Disable the Redemptions System.(maybe you would like to offer a gift and not money back).
3.Set the number of points awarded for evry $1.00 spent(or whatever based on your currency system).
4.Set the value of each point(based on your currency system).
5.Enable/Disable points awarded for shipping fees.
6.Enable/Disable Products Restriction.
7.Set the model name allowed When Products Restriction enabled.(only one group)
8.Enable/Disable Points Limitation. and set the number. of points needed before they can be redeemed.
9.Enable/Disable Welcome Points. and set the Points amount to be auto-credited for New signup customers.
10.Admin can view/add/delete customers points with/without queuing customers points table(optimised the database).

Customer features.
* New signup customers can be awarded with welcome points.
* Customers can earn points(cash back) for an item purchased at the store.
* Customers can choose the amount of points they would like to spend.
* Customers can view their shoping points account status.

The system designed to use minimum database space, customers points hold in customers table while all other points hold in customers_points_pending table.
Once pending points approved by admin, pending points move to customers account so table used stay optimised.
Redeemed points recorded in customers order history only.

What this module does not do ?
1.The system designed for a small to medium shops.
Since shopping points cosider as money when redeemed. awarded points default status is pending. Customers shopping points account will never be auto-credited(except points for new signup if enabled). if you own a large shop with lots of orders daily, it could be hard to keep track of points then this system is NOT for you.
2.When admin delete order while points status for that order is still pending. those points will also be deleted, however if admin already approved those points, admin must delete them manually(via admin panel).

This module as been tested on a fresh install of osCommerce Version 2.2MS2
as well as on a fully modified versions (includes Credit Class & Gift Voucher contribution).
Please use it at your own risk.


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